Understanding the “gogo factor” With Help From Milton Gregg

This article will discuss the "GoGoFactor" algorithm of the popular Indiegogo.com crowdfunding website. The "GoGoFactor" is an algorithm that is used by Indiegogo.com in order to track both the activity and engagement of different campaigns on the website. Essentially, this algorithm measures everything that takes place on both the front and back ends of campaigns on the website.


The "GoGoFactor" utilizes different metrics to not only rank each campaign, but also to determine their exact pagerank as well. Additionally, these metrics also determine the overall chances of a particular campaign being featured and how much exposure a campaign can receive among the Indiegogo.com crowd. This means that boosting this factor is a step that is very important to take.


Perhaps one of the most long-term and important benefits of boosting this factor is the page rank. Whenever any campaign is created, they are always assigned to specific categories. Categories featured on Indiegogo.com are as follows:




There are also categories that are more "cause-related," which are as follows:


*Verified Nonprofit


The following categories are reserved for campaigns that are more entrepreneurial or business-like:


*Small Business


There are lists of pages contained within each single category. In order to check the rank of your page, you will need to search through these different pages to find your specific campaign. Indiegogo.com periodically updates the exact rank of your page every time all of the campaigns are re-calculated. Depending on what your overall "GoGoFactor" score is, as well as the score of other campaigns, the rank of your page will either increase or decrease. For example, if another campaign has spent a longer time boosting their score, the chances are good that they will overtake your page, which will result in your campaign going down in rank. Visit, gofund system for more details.


A leading expert on how to boost this score and your visibility amongst crowdfunders is the man behind the GOFUNDSYSTEM™. Milton Gregg, founder of this proven 10 day system has developed a way to help significantly boost the gogo factor score for your Indiegogo project. If you do not use this system to do this, there's a very good chance that your campaign will be outranked by those who actually are using it. This is something that could lead to your campaign getting de-listed since it will likely be put on the back pages of Indiegogo.com. When you allow GOFUNDSYSTEM™ to boost your gogo factor ahead of time, you can prevent this very thing from happening.


The sooner you increase your "GoGoFactor," the better your overall results will be in the long run. “Waiting too long to do this can cause you to either fall behind or have your page de-listed, neither of which you want to have happen” said Milton. When it comes to any kind of crowdfunding campaign, time is something that is very crucial, so let the team at GOFUNDSYSTEM™ help you get started during the first week if possible.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your campaign, feel free to contact an Indiegogo.com campaign specialist at any time by calling Milton’s office. You can also sign up online today at GOFUNDSYSTEM.com.

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