Crowdfunding Made Easy With 10 Day GOFUNDSYSTEM™

A new program for crowdfunders is making some serious buzz in the crowdfunding industry. It’s called the GOFUNDSYSTEM™. Thousands of crowdfunders are using it to raise millions of dollars on Indiegogo. This proven system promises to boost your project to reach millions of targeted crowdfunders within just 10 days or less. This unique system has developed by Milton Gregg, the founder the now popular boosting system. Find out more at gofundsystem for more details.


Crowdfunders everywhere seem to be taking advantage of this system. But what about people doing crowdfunding for the first time? We wanted to explain how it works and if it might be right for your project on Indiegogo. We did our own research to learn more about this system and the founder behind it all. Here’s our findings:




The company had one singular goal in mind - to create a service designed to help individuals succeed on The results that the GOFUNDSYSTEM™ provides are designed to help boost the gogo factor score of your Indiegogo project.


This holds the key to being featured on Indiegogo and reaching the millions of users on The page ranking applies to all campaigns, in addition to being virtually the only service on the internet that specializes in this very thing in order to help campaigns gain more exposure.


What Exactly is the "Gogo Factor"?


This refers to both the numerical algorithm and score on that determines not only the page rank of your specific campaign, but also the overall chances of it being featured as well. The higher the "gogo factor," the better your chances of success.


How Can You Get Started?


When you use GOFUNDSYSTEM™'s "Rocket" service, you are essentially giving your specific campaign a better advantage in terms of being featured and getting more exposure on the main page of This service has literally helped thousands of campaigns get to the top spots in order to gain more exposure from crowdfunders. There 10 day boost plan is not only effective, it’s extremely affordable.

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