New GOFUNDSYSTEM Helps Crowdfunders Succeed on Indiegogo

The GOFUNDSYSTEM™ recently received a great deal of press regarding its role as a number-one choice among most crowdfunders on The company was featured on Entrepreneur Mag recently thanks to its popularity in terms of launching various types of successful crowdfunding projects. GOFUNDSYSTEM™ was founded back in 2009 and ever since then, the system has helped countless would be crowdfunders get the most out of their time on Indiegogo.


During their recent feature on Entrepreneur Mag, it was stated that GOFUNDSYSTEM™ was "the only service of its kind" thanks in large part to the nature of their promotions, which are highly focused on boosting your Indiegogo project. The GOFUNDSYSTEM™ team shows constant dedication to all crucial aspects of crowdfunding in Indiegogo, such as boosting the gogo factor your campaigns, giving expert consulting, and getting campaigns more exposed to their target crowdfunding audiences.


GOFUNDSYSTEM™ is also highly lauded for the results that they obtain, as the company has gone on record of stating that all of their resources are designed to help with boosting a page's rankings, as well as the ability of every client to be featured on Indiegogo. They also make it clear that every service that they provide is designed to attract only the best audience to each campaign that is featured. Visit us at gofund system.


Whenever crowdfunders are able to have access to all of the resources that they need to succeed, the future of crowdfunding itself will indeed be bright. One featured article recently stated that the social media boost and feature options offered by GOFUNDSYSTEM™ allowed campaigns to raise over 400% of their funding goal. Milton Gregg, the founder of the proven 10 day system has also been constantly improving this secret formula of success.


The GOFUNDSYSTEM™ reviews that we’ve seen online also attest to their intensive social media promotion. After signing up with this 10 day system you project will start spreading across various social media platforms, as well as featuring them in social media posts, all while expert campaign consulting lets customers discuss the most suitable online strategies and marketing tactics with crowdfunding experts. It’s a dream come true for anyone struggling on Indiegogo.


Entrepreneur Mag also featured the company's team, who were very proud to be showcased with their impressive records of crowdfunding success. Milton has been personally credited for raising over 1.3 million dollars on Indiegogo in the past few years alone. Furthermore, Entrepreneur Mag has also thrown support the team's way as the new year draws closer. This shows that 2016 will be an even brighter year in the world of crowdfunding, as well as for companies such as GOFUNDSYSTEM.